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Visual about how our Strategy Sprints Service will make you go bananas...or papayas

Better strategy, faster.

60-90% of all companies struggle with strategy.

To help solve this, our idea is easier than super simple:

Save time, money, and frustration and create an unfair competitive advantage for your company with our
3-day Strategy Fundamentals Sprint. 

How is it possible? 

Over 20 000 hours of global and local client work, many trainings and certifications with world-leading strategy and facilitation master-minds, distilled down into a 3-day sprint and 3 simple enablers:

Facilitated by Fredrik. 
Founder, For The Good Days.

With 15 years of strategic design work under his belt, Fredrik will facilitate and guide you to work on strategy in a simple and actionable way. Your team will bring your specific industry expertise and Fredrik will guide you to answer the decisive questions, in the right structure and flow.


Wrapping it all up with the necessary prioritisation and action. Taking you towards that change and the results you've been looking for.

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