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FTGD Pizza Model 

To become a long-term success, with a strong purpose, direction and appeal, we believe companies need to realise they are a pizza. As pizza, has the unifying power of bringing strategy, responsibility, brand and customer experience together. ​Let's face it, we all love and remember pizza. Pizza is approachable. 

To create a truly mouth-watering pizza, you can’t only focus on getting the dough right. Similarly, you can’t spend all your time on just the tomato sauce, or the cheese, the toppings or on the cooking process. Everything needs to come together in a melty, crispy and perfectly balanced symphony of deliciousness. 

In the same way, a thriving company is the product of a finely tuned combination of strategy, responsibility, brand and customer experience. Behind it all, every day’s inspiration and implementation needs to stem from the right organisational attitude, something that is intentionally designed.

For The Good Days Pizza Model

Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 15.42.12.png

The FTGD Pizza is made up of 5 slices: 

Slice 1. Focus on the right opportunity in an inspirational way, by crystallising your strategy. We will help you do this by using leading strategy frameworks, that are recommended by HBR, Professor Galloway and other thought leaders.   

Slice 2. Be as responsible as you can, in a holistic and measurable manner and in a way that benefits all stakeholders. As trained B Leaders, we can help you towards becoming a certified B Corp.  


Slice 3. Win the hearts and minds of your employees and customers, by crafting a brand strategy that differentiates you positively, makes you relevant and makes your brand ownable. 

Slice 4. Make your customer experience work for you, not against you, by getting your customer experience strategy right, allowing you to build long-term and helpful customer relationships. 

Slice 5. Ultimately, this all needs to be wrapped in a good dose of humour, as taking yourself and your company too seriously will only stifle you. This is done by intentionally designing your company's attitude.

With these five slices on your plate your company will be fuelled up for long-term success. 

We do need to point out, that we recognise and understand the importance of other disciplines for the success of a company. But, for everybody's best, we will not cover those areas (e.g. finance, production planning, HR etc). We will leave those vital areas of expertise to the pros. If needed, we have a partner network of experts that can help with those important topics. 

There is no more time to lose, let's pizzafy your company! 

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