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A poetic illustration for the Keynote on Strategy & retreat organized for your leadership team

Retreats & Talks

Does your leadership team need more focus, practical alignment and inspiration on how to work on and implement strategy? Take finally the bull by the horns and book the
2-day strategy retreat for your leadership. 


Or do you want to inspire your entire company by strengthening your common understanding and approach on strategy?
Book the easy to digest Strategy ABC Key Note. 

Our Leadership Retreats & Talks  

Over 20 000 hours of strategy work, summarised into inspiring and practical retreats and key notes. 

Food and Drink

Hosted by Fredrik. 
Founder, For The Good Days.

With 15 years of strategic design work under his belt, Fredrik will deliver retreats and key notes to increase inspiration and your company's common understanding of strategy. By being practical, actionable and not taking himself too seriosuly. Taking you towards that change and the results you've been looking for. Book a call with Fredrik now.

Book a call with Fredrik now!

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