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Pasta and Wine supporting visually the Interim Chief Strategy Officer service offered in Helsinki

Your Interim
Chief Strategy Officer

 60-90% of companies struggle with their strategies. 

The odds are, that you might unfortunately be one of these  companies.
Some symptoms of this are an unclear focus, lack of inspiration, missing implementation and unclear priorities.

To define and implement a strategy that takes you towards your desired change and goals, often requires time, right knowledge, tools, facilitation and the right attitude.  

To solve this, you might need some concrete temporary external help.
Help that brings you the needed continuity to get you going.
And in the end, saves you time, money and frustration. 

Depending on your needs and resources, you can choose between the
Small, Medium and Large interim-packages. They vary between 
3-18 months.    

Your interim Chief Strategy Officer.
Fredrik, Founder, For The Good Days.

With 15 years of strategic design work under his belt, Fredrik knows how to combine necessary world-leading frameworks into inspirational yet concrete goal-driven implementation. Taking you towards that change and the results you've been looking for.  

We offer 3 different kind of interim packages: Small, Medium and Large. The interim period, is recommended to be between 3-18 months. 2-6 days a month. Fredrik can be a temporary member of your leadership team with the role of a Chief Strategy Officer. Or used as an advisor for a fixed time period. All depending on your situation and what makes most sense in your culture. 


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Book a call with Fredrik now!

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