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About For The Good Days, a brand strategist in Helsinki


For The Good Days  - For More Good Days!

For The Good Days was founded in 2018, in Helsinki Finland. The reason, why we exist is simple. 


We exist, to deliver more of those good days for all of us. For all stakeholders. We believe in better business with a positive impact for everyone involved. And evenly important, is to do this with a good, light-hearted and respectful attitude. 


We believe business becomes better, when you do the following three things:

1. Focus on the right opportunity in a way that inspires your organisation

2. Ensure that you do it as responsibly as possible

3. Make sure your company stands for something that differentiates you, makes you relevant and ownable

Over the last 14 years we have always used the best raw ingredients, armfuls of insight and a pinch of special seasoning to serve up company strategies, brand strategies and responsibility approaches that let you become more:

Focused, inspirational, relevant, responsible and a little less serious!


This is the reason we exist, to deliver more of those good days for all of us.


If you want to sit down to think about how to get more of those good days for you and your stakeholders, drop us a line or call us. 

Thanks if you read all the way here :) 

Have a nice day, 

Fredrik, Founder, For The Good Days.

Fredrik Holmen, Brand & Marketing Strategy Consultant
Visual about how branding strategy make companies more likeable

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