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Here you can find a few words from some of FTGD's previous clients. 

Brand Strategy

"Fredrik helped us in a lean and efficient manner to define, design and crystallise our brand strategy. The brand strategy also helped us to clarify in an understandable way our company vision. Fredrik delivers in a world-class way, never compromising from the fun factor.”

Otto Kukkonen, Founder, DevCo

Pizza and Soda obviously symbolizing a lean & efficient brand strategy
Client equally thankful for the brand positioning strategy delivered and for the cinnamon buns brought to morning meetings

Brand Positioning & Creative Partner

“We hired Fredrik to support us in thinking through our brand positioning ahead of Oda's launch in Finland. We also tapped his expertise to help us find the right creative agency partner. Super professional and nice-to-work-with guy - he even brings cinnamon buns to morning meetings.”

-Tobias Niemi, Managing Director, Oda Finland.

Strategy & Implementation

”Fredrik helped us to clarify our company strategy and to build an implementation program for it. Together, we clarified the needed focus for our company and what is needed to actually make the desired changes happen. And to truly make the designed and desired change a reality, he is still supporting us with the actual implementation by heading the strategy implementation program”

-Arni Aromaa, CEO & Founder, Pentagon Design.

When life gives you lemons...get some strategy consulting service cause lemonade might not be the best solution for your unique context
Visual of maneki-neko to symbolize how integrating responsibility goals into customer experience was a successful move for this client in Helsinki

Responsibility & Experience

"Fredrik helped us define how we could best integrate our responsibility goals and impact into customer experience. Wow! Fredrik has such a talent for creating an inspiring and dynamic atmosphere that keeps everyone engaged, while going above and beyond to deliver great insights and actionable recommendations."

-Hanna-Maaret Heikurainen, Marketing Director, Puhdistamo

Disruptive Concept & Brand Strategy

“Fredrik and his team created a totally new and disruptive business concept for us, and they also helped us to define our brand strategy which helped us in a big time in our daily operations”

-Katariina Nyqvist, Marketing Manager, Fiskars Group.

The one of a kind brand strategy made this prestigious client go bananas & other fruits
Sphere on Spiral Stairs
We delivered a unified branding strategy for this client in Finland who has absolutely nothing to do with the blood oranges of this visual

Multi Stakeholder

”Fredrik helped us to create an unified understanding of how to approach branding and customer experience in a multi stakeholder environment. And which phases are needed to change the perception of the public opinion”   

-Teemu Purho, Managing Director, Finnish Tennis Association.

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